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stone beads and pendants

We are proud to sell beads from Dakota Stones and you can feel proud using them, knowing they are mined and manufactured ethically. Dakota Stones works directly with mines and stone cutters around the globe to ensure that their beads meet strict standards and to know that they are mined and produced by fairly paid workers in safe conditions. Their quality is second to none, their beads feature laser drilled holes and they are knowledgeable and upfront about any treatments their stones receive. Treated stones on our website are identified in their descriptions. Learn about the different treatments a stone can undergo by reading the definitions below:

Natural: A stone that has had no treatment other than cutting, drilling and polishing

Man-Made: Stones that are created by artificial means in a laboratory, often to imitate the characteristics and structure of a natural stone (more common for rare stones).  

Heated: Stones are subjected to the use of heat to alter the colour or to increase their clarity. Heat can also be applied to lighten or darken a stone.

Dyed: Stones are treated with a dye to enhance or alter their colour.

Composite: Stones are created by assembling small pieces of stone and cementing them together with something like epoxy to create a single piece.

Stabilized: Stones undergo a process that involves placing them under pressure and forcing them to absorb a filler, like an epoxy. This process makes soft stones harder and can also be used to prevent the colour of a stone from fading.