Spiral Right Angle Weave Bracelet Class (Virtual) - Thursday April 13th. 6-8:00pm EDT

Package Size: 1 class

Level: Beginner

Instructor: Pamela Kearns

This style of rope started off as a mistake, but it turned out to be a happy accident that created a new style of rope with beautiful textures. This weave makes a beautiful rope which is strong enough to hang a pendant from, but also works great on its own as a bracelet or necklace. In this class, students will learn a variety of skills, creating right angle weave, embellishing it and creating a spiral from it. A recording of the class will be sent to students for future reference. 

Materials you will need for this class (for an approximately 6.25" wrist):

~ 82 4mm fire polished beads

~27 4mm round beads (druks, pearls, stones etc.), colour A

~27 4mm round beads, colour B

~1.25 grams 11/0 seed beads

~Clasp of choice

~2 6mm jump rings

~Beading thread of choice (recommend 6lb Fireline)

~Beading Needle of Choice to fit beads