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fire polished beads

Fire polish beads are round, faceted glass beads. These beads are a less expensive alternative to hand-cut faceted glass or crystal. They derive their name from the final step in their manufacturing process: first, the glass is poured into round bead molds, and then they are faceted with a grinding wheel. The faceted beads are then poured onto trays and briefly reheated just long enough to melt the surface, "polishing" out any surface texture from the grinding wheel. Fire Polished beads are used in many bead weaving patterns and they’re also great for stringing.

These beads are available with Czech Shield. Czech Shield is a clear coating that has been specially developed to add increased colour durability and protection to traditional Czech beads. Think of it as the Czech equivalent to Miyuki’s duracoat. All Czech Shield products are identified with a symbol bearing the Czech flag in the corner of their picture.

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